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Account Name: Friends Of Children with Cancer
account Number: 240, Bank Tel: +2 (02) 27924770
Bank Address: 5 Midan Al-Saray Al-Koubra, Garden City, Cairo

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Thank you for your interest in our cause to support children with cancer. for more information about in cash donation, please contact us :-

Friends of Children with Cancer
3 mokarar 3 Maadi, Cairo
Tel:- 23598314
working hours:- from 8:30 to 4:30

Care with love
44B Talaat Harb St. down town, Cairo
Tel:- 25787594
working hours: from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Your generosity brings us closer to our goal

شكراً لاهتمامكم ودعمكم للأطفال المرضى بالسرطان. لمزيد من المعلومات عن التبرع النقدى برجاء الاتصال على:-

جمعية أصدقاء الاطفال المرضى بالسرطان 3, شارع 3 مكرر, المعادى, القاهرة
ت: 23598324
مواعيد العمل من 8:30 صباحاً حتى 4:30 مساءاً

جمعية الرعاية بالمحبة
44 ب شارع طلعت حرب, القاهرة
ت: 25787594
مواعيد العمل من 8 صباحاً حتى 4 مساءاً

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In 1992, Friends of Children with Cancer (FOCC), a joint effort between Egyptians and expatriate residents of Cairo, was registered as a not for profit organization with the Ministry of Social Solidarity under No. 231. The goal was to insure consistent and timely access to high quality medications for children from low income families through the creation of an endowment that insured they reach their objectives.

However, children that have undergone chemotherapy, radiation or surgery, need proper nutrition and a clean environment to protect them from secondary infections in between treatments. They also need to be surrounded with love, to be allowed to play with no fear, to be able to express themselves, and a whole lot more. Older children also need to continue their education and feel that are not any different from their peers. That is why there was a need for a supportive care center for children with cancer and their families, and it was named the Health and Hope Oasis.

أنشأت جمعية أصدقاء الأطفال المرضى بالسرطان (والمسجلة بوزارة التضامن الاجتماعي برقم 231 منذ 1992) بهدف تدعيم علاج الأطفال المرضي بالسرطان من عائد وديعة مخصصة لهذا البرنامج . مع مرور الوقت ظهر الاحتياج الشديد لتدعيم الطفل المريض وأسرته صحيا ونفسيا واجتماعيا للوصول لنتائج أفضل للعلاج ، وتبلورت الرؤية لانشاء مركز متخصص لبلوغ هذا الهدف باسم واحة الصحة والأمل


An Oasis of Health and Hope for children with cancer and their families

واحة الصحة والأمل لتدعيم الطفل مريض السرطان وأسرته